My Singing Monsters

My Singing Monsters Hack


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My Singing Monsters Game

My Singing Monster – a funny and entertaining game for everyone

My Singing Monster is a Canadian game created by Big Blue Bubble studio in 2012. It is available for mobile devices with an Internet connection. The main task of a player is collecting many kinds of different monsters that can sing. These creatures allow for creating more and more attractive music.

The game offers a very complex creature development tactics. It is possible to buy new monsters in the store, but they are quite expensive and in many cases, players need to spend their real money in micropayment systems. The second option is using the breeding structure and nursery to get new monsters, but this option is suitable for patient players. Of course, players can upgrade their creatures, make them sleep and become quiet or change their names.

Players need to remember about creating food in the furnace. Thanks to regular feeding, monsters receive experience points and they can get higher and higher levels. Higher levels of monsters allow for receiving more coins. It is also important to take care of a castle that provides living space to the monsters.

My Singing Monster offers a funny, but attractive graphics and it also offers a simple tutorial for beginners. This title provides good fun for long hours. To achieve higher levels, players need to remember about some in-game currencies like coins, diamonds, blue stars, keys, orange tunes, and purple gems. Some of them are basic resources and some of them are premium in-game currencies that are difficult to get. Rich players can buy them for real money. They unlock monsters, decorations or special structures.